About Krenz Precision Machining

Bringing Family to Precision Machining

A better way of life for your family.  Isn’t that what every young man wants when he sets out to make his way in the world?  For Richard Krenz Sr., that concept seemed distant as he navigated World War II ravaged Germany in the 40’s.  But Richard would do anything to fulfill his destiny, including moving from Germany to the Ukraine and ultimately back again before making the bold decision to flee Europe and lead his family to safety in the United States of America.

In 1951 Krenz led his family, including his infant son Fred to New York and then Cleveland looking for opportunity.  Richard found work with a company called Harris Calorific, and for many young immigrants looking for stability, the journey could have ended there.  But Richard wanted more, and he wouldn’t be denied.

He and some fellow employees decided that they could do a better job and provide better service in the machine world than the company they worked for, so the group elected to start their own business and give entrepreneurship a shot.  In September of 1967 they broke off from Harris and started their own company, WERKA Machine on Enterprise Avenue in Cleveland. 

Young Fred had followed in his father’s footsteps, as did his cousin, Richard Jr.   The two worked their way up through different apprenticeships and in 1971 they started their own enterprise- R & F Machining, operating out of Richard Sr. ‘s garage.  By 1972 they already had enough demand to move out of that space to a space on Walford Ave in Cleveland and then they eventually moved on to a location in North Royalton, Ohio in 1974.

By 1976 the family decided that a partnership made more sense than trying to stay seperate, and the foundation of Krenz Krist Machine Inc was laid.  The company joined forces on that lot in North Royalton and began running a successful business together.

The New Building

The company moved into a new building in 1979 and then expanded to a 30,000 sq.ft. facility in 1983.  In 1988 there was another expansion to bring the total sq. ft. to 45,000. This family of first generation immigrants had completed the American Dream, not only finding safety for their loved ones  and gainful employment, but taking it to another level with the establishment of a successful business. The story inspires all who walk through the doors of Krenz Precision Machining to this day.

Richard Sr. retired from the business in 1988 and went to his final resting place in 2016 at the age of 88.  Fred eventually retired in January of 2000, walking out of the building for the last time with cousin Richard Jr.  Today the business remains with the Krenz family, and a whole new generation continues to push the machining industry forward from within its walls.  

Today, Krenz Precision Machining, Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified precision machining facility, which specializes in machining components from ferrous, non-ferrous, tool steels, and plastic materials used in plumbing, industrial equipment, medical, pneumatic, hydraulic, gauging, calibration, telecommunication, automotive, and aerospace industries. They have a wide variety of manufacturing equipment that can support orders of a few hundred pieces up to a few million. They apply lean manufacturing concepts and introduce kanban to limit inventory carrying costs throughout the supply chain. They have long term partnerships with Fortune 500 companies such as Parker Hannifin, Moen Incorporated, General Motors, and AMETEK to name a few. If given an opportunity, they will work tirelessly to ensure that you and your customers are completely satisfied with our service and quality of components, delivered on time, when needed!