Product applications

Your industry. Our expertise.

Krenz Precision Machining brings more than 50 years of experience to the table on every project we work on. That means we’ve grown with different industries, and as times and requirements have changed, so have we. When you match expertise with innovation, you become a company that has a vision for the future, with an eye on efficiency and quality. No matter the industry, we have the applications and services you need to succeed and become a more profitable company.

The industries we serve

At KPM we produce machined components for a wide variety of industries. Below is a list of a few of the industries we serve:

We produce components for plumbing fixtures, from decorative to the components that make up the inner workings behind the cabinetry. We provide components that go into showerheads, faucets, and even fire suppression systems and sprinklers.

KPM provides many components that go into your engines and transmissions as well as connectors to mount bumpers and automatic liftgates.

Krenz Precision Machining provides gas line connections as well as various connections to exposed fittings for oxygen.

KMP manufactures fluid connectors – metal connectors that connect to hoses to help fluids get through. We also make hydraulic blocks that get mounted to different types of machinery to help them move and function.

We provide various parts and components that can be found in cell phones and communication devices.

KPM produces parts for weighing systems, including connectors that can connect whatever is being weighed to the scale itself.

Industrial Equipment
If it moves, we produce parts for it. We manufacture components that go into earth-moving equipment, as well as virtually any type of connector, fastener or spring you can find on snowplows, mowers, and other equipment.

Don’t see your industry listed? That doesn’t mean we can’t make it happen. Talk with one of our product specialists today to see how Krenz Precision Machining can help you manufacture the parts you need, with the service you deserve.