Just in Time inventory program

Here when you need it

With over 45,000 sq. ft., it’s safe to say that we’ve got some space. If your space is tight, and you’re ordering components that you might not need all at once, then our Just in Time service might be a great way to streamline your supply process. We keep the materials in our facility and, when you are ready, you call us to access your remaining supply. This way, you never have too much material in-house, and you aren’t taking up valuable space with products you don’t need to access yet.

Why just in time makes sense

Why would Just in Time supply chain management from KPM make sense for you?

  • It helps keep the stock on site low, which leads to lower inventory and storage costs
  • Lower inventory on site means less investment which can increase your ROI
  • Because the items are produced with demand in mind, you’ll have less wasted product
  • JIT ensures kanban communication throughout the supply chain process

Lower overhead and higher profits. Achieve both with Just in Time supply chain management from Krenz Precision Machining. Speak with a logistic specialist today to learn more.