Complete Manufacturing Service

When Krenz Precision Machining works with one of our valued clients, we offer unparalleled manufacturing capabilities. We’ve got partners that work with us to ensure that whether you need plating, powder coating, brazing, or any other service to make sure your components perform the way you need them to, we can provide the quality and precision you need to get the job done.

Machining and Equipment

KPM has state-of-the-art equipment that is constantly being upgraded and, in some cases, replaced with newer, more efficient technology. Learn more about the equipment we use to manufacture the parts you need.


KPM works with all of the materials you need to have to complete your project. We will source the best options for your product and work with our partners to perform all of the necessary operations to make the process efficient and affordable for your team.

Value Add Operations

One of the reasons we are able to do what we do, at the level we achieve while keeping pricing affordable is the access that we have to our incredible partner network. Our network enables us to keep all of our capabilities in house, from grinding to dips and powder coatings. That accessibility keeps our process tight and eliminates unnecessary overhead.