CNC machines are one of the most significant technological leaps that have happened in the manufacturing industry. Where traditional equipment is costly and runs the risk of human errors, CNC machine shops erase those unwanted possibilities.

Still, the technology is relatively new and comes with its pros and cons when it’s outsourced. This article explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of outsourcing to CNC machine shops.

The Good

It’s More Economical

Directly investing in CNC machinery is not easy on the pocket. With the resources required to buy and set up the equipment and find and train an operator to run it, the costs can skyrocket. Outsourcing to a CNC machine shop gives you the freedom to skip the costs of launching an in-house CNC machinery setup and still reap the same benefits and then some.

Skilled Technicians Are Already Available

Although CNC isn’t as resource-intensive as traditional manufacturing processes, it still requires a technician to run it. An operator skilled in CNC machines is harder to find because this is a relatively new technology; you might need to up your budget and time.

When you outsource to a CNC machine shop, the time and budget are reduced because the shop already has skilled technicians available to start on your project immediately.

There’s a Wider Range of Equipment

When you invest upfront in CNC manufacturing, you’re investing in the in-house capabilities. Every machine shop is different, and you won’t find a manufacturer with every tool and product that your company is looking for in one place.

When you outsource to a CNC machine shop, though, there is a diverse range of manufacturing equipment, file formats, materials, and even secondary processes like heat and anodizing treatment at your disposal.

The Bad and the Ugly

There Might Be Delays in Delivery and Communication Concerns

There might be errors in translation, organization, and effective communication –especially when something goes wrong and the person you’re dealing with is overseas. This causes unnecessary delays leading to loss of revenue – make sure to outsource to a CNC machine shop that’s about more than just the dollars.

There Might Be Legal Concerns

This happens mostly when your company is outsourcing to an overseas CNC machine shop. Different laws, safety standards, and intellectual property regulations apply to different countries. So make sure you do your research when you’re outsourcing CNC machinery to a third party.

Bottom Line

Choosing to outsource to a CNC machine shop is the same as picking a business partner – you need to make sure they’re well qualified to handle your company’s project. A little bit of research and investigation can go a long way in reaping the benefits and minimizing the ugly when outsourcing to CNC machine shops.

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