This post is intended to provide an overview of the machine shop mistakes we have witnessed over the years. As most of us in the business are aware, running a shop is no simple task. You have to deal with managing employees, implementing processes, balancing the books, and marketing yourself and getting new clients. If you’re like most shop owners or managers, you’ve probably learned a lot of that on the fly.  Since these establishments are jam-packed, it can be easy for individuals to make preventable mistakes. Below are common metalworking mistakes to avoid for those who want to maintain consistency.

Working on jobs that aren’t profitable.

Not all business is good business. Chances are good that your shop is great at doing a few specific things. That’s a good thing. It’s helpful to have a strong niche because that allows you to focus your efforts on what you do best.

However, many shops are also tempted to go outside their comfort zone for the sake of getting business in the door. A customer may need some work done that falls outside your usual work for them. Rather than open the door to a competitor, you take on the job.

Here’s the problem. When you take on work in areas in which you have little experience, you may actually be creating an unprofitable situation. Your workers aren’t used to that kind of work, so it will undoubtedly take them more time.

Ignoring safety

Employees at many fabrication shops are like families. No one wants to see their brothers and sisters get hurt. In addition, accidents slow down productivity, which can result in lost profits. Businesses that don’t want to lose customers or deal with potential lawsuits need to develop a safety program to prevent accidents. Safety sould always be your first priority.

Lack of forward thinking

It’s amazing how predominant this field is in everyday life. Since so many individuals need the products that fabricators make, they must use high-quality machines to keep up with demand.

Do you feel like your machine shop is in a rut? There’s plenty of work and you and your team are always busy, but still, you never seem to get ahead. It feels like there’s always a cash crunch looming or there’s always a crisis that you have to deal with. Sometimes you may even wonder whether the rewards of running your machine shop are even worth all of the stress and headache.

The good news is that it’s never too late to turn your shop around. Often, when shops are busy but still struggling, it’s for a few common reasons. Fortunately, some adjustments to your systems, processes, and mindset can resolve those issues and get you back on the fast track to success.


Many machine shop mistakes can easily be avoided if you are focused and follow best practices.  From taking on unprofitable jobs to ignoring safety, these mistakes can cripple your organization.

We hope this post provided you helpful information as it relates to the future and key technologies that are shaping the machine shop world. Krenz Precision Machining is a leading full service, turn-key machine shop offering design, prototyping, components manufacturing all the way through assembly.  To speak with one of our technical experts, please call 1-440-237-1800. And thank you for reading our post.